A management application “tailor-made” for your store

VanigliaPro is the first Apple iPad based management software for fashion shops, which transforms all activities inside the store in a real shopping experience.

Value to your customers

Your customers are always uppermost in your thoughts, we know.

This is why we have structured a management system that allows you to thoroughly know their buying habits, so that you can stimulate them through a structured communication to increase their frequency within your store.

With VanigliaPro you can retain your customers with a Fidelity and Gift Card System, with bonuses and promotions according to your sales need, in order to favor the return of in-store customers and increase their average expenditure, with personalized text messages to keep you always in contact.

All the information you need, on the tip of your fingers

VanigliaPro for the fashion industry (apparel, footwear, accessories, etc.) has been designed to meet the needs of this specific sector.

For all items loaded on stock, the software is capable of recording sizes, color scales, quantity and technical specifications: all to make your job easier.

Orders can be managed directly through VanigliaPro:

  • you can go to the supplier and fill the order directly on the iPad, photographing the articles that you are interested in so you can recognize when they are delivered;
  • you can check the availability of products at any time;
  • you can handle the loading of the order also for the other stores that you manage;
  • you can manage a transfer of products from a store to another, or from the central warehouse to the individual stores.

VanigliaPro guarantees you a detailed management of your store network.

Your showcase even online

Thanks to VanigliaPro you can eliminate physical boundaries of your store and reach web users: you can choose to either open your personalized e-commerce site, which displays only the articles you want, selecting them directly from your installation of VanigliaPro

You may update the availability, pricing and promotions in full autonomy, even without any basic computer knowledge.

A unique tool to double your sales opportunities.

Technical modules for Fashion Stores

  • Customer card
  • Customer’s outfit Photo gallery
  • Warehouse
  • Articles detail with size, quantity, unit
  • Custom labels creation
  • Transfer DDT
  • Productivity, sales, customers, employees Stats
  • Promotions and SMS
  • Card Management, Subscriptions and Prepaid
  • Administration